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Anthony Cavallini House

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  • Vivitrol Opiod Prevention Treatment
  • Narcan Training 
  • 12 Step NA/AA Approach
  • 90/90 Day Goal
  • Gain a Sponsor
  • Safe & Supportive House
  • Weekly House Meetings
  • Learn Social Skills & Accountability
  • Drug Testing

We typically have same-day appointment availability.  Call +1.4136276700 for scheduling.

All new patients receive a complementary one-hour consult with our head physician to establish a personalized care plan.

Meet the Director

Anthony Cavallini House just celebrated their second Annual Fallen Angels Bike Run.

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Anthony Cavallini House 

​My name is Ugene when I arrived at the Anthony Cavallini House it was a very welcoming home. I like it here a lot, its a comfortable place. We all get along well and are like a family. We all help each other out and  as long as we have the vivitrol, we are able to do more programs on the outside. We are  able to visit our families and I am very grateful to be a part of the house. Ugene

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