Our Mission

Is to serve our extended family members through compassion, honesty and love. To help build the solid framework needed to heal from addiction. This groundwork enables our extended family members to feel the love that may have been missing from their lives previously. Our house is the only house in Massachusetts  that Vivitrol is recommended  for opiate prevention treatment.  Extended family members will learn to develop their personal skill levels of honesty, accountability.They will learn to  obtain and maintain employment. They will be encouraged to develop social skills through interactions with others at home and in the community. They will learn skills that will help them to develop financial responsibility. Gambling prevention will also be be offered due to a MGMs upcoming casino. Due to the tremendously high rate of overdoses in Massachusetts, Narcan training is part of Our House protocol as well as distribution of narcan.  Our House encourages a 12 step NA/AA approach with a 90/90 day goal with the suggestion to gain a sponsor and follow the fellowship guildlines.

Our Vision

    We have helped many regain their families trust. Rebuild relationships, build a foundation  of  recovery and find a new way of life. 
    Today many are productive members of society, self supporting. Our House has a great passion for helping those who desire the freedom of active addiction and overcoming  life issues related to alcohol and substance abuse. We provide a safe and sober living housing. Our House extended family members support each other in their personal growth. We can assist  extended family members in all areas of the recovery process. Through providing outpatient treatment, relapse prevention, Detox, and  Section 35 treatment. Our desire is help those with financial needs, to participate in Our House.

When most people look into the face of addiction they tend to stigmatize it with a lack of morals, financial status, or even a lack of will power. If you were to ask any of the family members who have lost a loved one, to the disease of addiction, they would tell you all the wonderful stories. How their smile lit up the room and how loving they were. Parents would tell you all the wonderful stories about their children. Children would tell you how their parents were their heroes. Family members would tell you all the childhood memories, and friends would tell you their funniest stories. Anthony was all of the above. He was a good man, the man God chose for me. Anthony was the  man that helped me make the hardest decisions. He was the man who helped me see the good in people. Anthony showed me that we all deserve a second chance. Anthony was a wonderful son, husband and father. Anthony was my best friend and confidant. He gave his life to a disease that continues to affect so many.  He as so many others, meant so much to so many, and  he will be forever missed. May he and all of  our loved ones who have lost the battle of addiction, rest in peace.