The Anthony Cavallini House (ACH) is a Massachusetts Certified Sober House in Springfield, MA serving individuals seeking recovery from alcohol and opioid addiction (soon serving gambling addiction). Residents are not required any entrance fee or down payment. Most residents arrive at ACH with only the clothing on their back. ACH willingly provides incoming residents with fresh bedding, toiletries, clothing, food and other basic amenities until the resident is able to obtain a job. This is the part of the process ACH is most in need of. As many incoming residents are out of work and resources, the average ACH resident costs the house about $1600 within their first 30 days stay. This is a cost ACH is willing to take on, but this process is regularly meant with a challenge. 

Funds will also help support the purchase of a new home, wich will allow two dozen more men seeking recovery to move in. Finally, funds will sponsor fundraising events this spring including the Bryan Harris Golf Tournament in early June 2017, and a Bike Run on May 21st, 2017.

With this Go Fund Me account, we at ACH hope you will find a way to help us support these brave men hungry to survive. As Opioid addiction rises in our country, we’ve all been affected. This addiction is no longer focused on any particular community. It’s an epidemic plaguing us all. So many individuals that come from loving homes and communities are finding themselves victims to this terrible habit. Please help us offer a safe, supportive environment to the many so desperately in need of recovery.