My name is Ugene when I arrived at the Anthony Cavallini House it was a very welcoming home. I like it here a lot, its a comfortable place. We all get along well and are like a family. We all help each other out and  as long as we have the vivitrol, we are able to do more programs on the outside. We are  able to visit our families and I am very grateful to be a part of the house. Ugene

I have struggled with addiction my entire life. There was no stability in my life from a young age. It was hard to cope with the day to day struggles and tasks that other people may be able to handle with ease. When I started this journey I spent a lot of time in countless programs and institutions trying to recover from the damage I have done. I struggled to find a solid foundation, and to  to seek and maintain help and build a life for myself. When I came across the Anthony Cavallini house I wasn't sure what I was in for. But after a few days I knew I had found the solidarity I had been seeking for a long time. The solid foundation that someone like myself needs to build a life for myself. Newly recovered and sober I have been able to maintain  a job. For some time now I have been an active member of my community. I have constant support through everyone here.. When things aren't going my way, and I feel like I would like to use, there is always someone to talk to here. There is no one here that I can't go to for a suggestion or help. This house has hands down given me more opportunities and growth than I have been able to achieve anywhere else. I am grateful for everything and everyday that I am here alive and sober. ZAC

The Anthony Cavallini House has helped me immensely. The house has helped me get back on my medication for my mental health. I have been  on vivitrol  for two month's,  it helps  me stay clean and helps me with the cravings. The House has also helped me financially.When I came to the House I had nothing, no clothes, no coat and definitely  no rent money. The director of the house accepted me with open arms. Nancy has believed in me more than I believed in myself. She has motivated me to continue fighting this disease.  I thank God for being with me through the hard times. God bless you all


When I arrived to the Anthony Cavallini House I was a broken man, lost, and hopeless I was unemployed and my family had given up on me. This all turned around for me after being at our house for a short time. Today I am working. I have regained my children's trust, and love. I have been on the vivitrol treatment  for six months and I feel great. I would like to take this time to thank, first my God and Nancy for opening the doors of the Anthony Cavallini House. The house has given me  a new lease on life.  Carlos Grateful Recovering Alcohlic and Addict

I have been an addict for over twenty years . Thank God I have gotten a second chance to be clean and sober. There were times when I thought there was no hope for me.  I was offered to come to the Anthony Cavallini house. It was recomended that I take the Vivitrol shot. I took the shot and it has helped me to deal with relapse. In the past it was hard to stay clean long enough to see changes. Today I remain sober and I am beginning to see hope for a better life. I have been able to maintain employment for the first time in many years. I am grateful for the opportunity to start a new way of life. I would recommend the vivitrol shot to anyone who has a desire for long term sobriety. It has helped me so much and I have had no desire to use. Angel